About Diamond Princess

 My name is Angelina. I am a very sweet, faithful, romantic, sexy, beautiful, confident, talented, smart, inteligent, believable, inergetic, lovely, wonderful, brave, funny, silly, goofy, and pashionate. I communicate with people if need to be. I go to church if I have to. God is my father and he is the only man that can judge me. No one else does. I like to eat all kinds of food instead of chitlens. That is nasty. But anywayz I like to chill, hang out, and go any where instead of trying to do something I shouldn't be doing. My goals are to become a model, a singer, dancer, and/or a nerse. I like to listen to rap, hip hop, r&b, pop, and some rock (depends on if it sounds good). My favorite artist in rap is Drake, Lil Wayne, Twizzy, Eminem, B.O.B, New Boyz,  T.I, and 2 Pac. My favorite r&b singers are Aaliyah, Kesha Cole, and Alicia Keys. My favorite pop singers is Justin Bieber. I hear a lot of people saying they hate JB but I don't know what for. He is a sweet, sensitive, patient, caring, loving, talented, cute, wonderful, and funny. Some people say his voice is agravating. Well, JB hasn't hurt anyone or anything. He loves his fan and JB is the type of guy every girl would want. My favorite rock band is Paramore and Owl City (IDK if owl city is a band). Owl City music is so calming and relaxing and it makes me think so much about nature in life. Owl City is such a imaginative and so am I. My zodiac sign is a Leo. I like to jerk alot because its really fun. I would like to meet some of the celebrities if its possible for me. I have a boy friend. His name is Brandon. He loves me so much that he wants to put a ring on my finger right now. Many people think that its a trick but once when I tell you about him, you will understand. I have 5 sisters no brothers. My 2 brothers died in a miscarage which it really hurt my heart for even hearing it. When I am mad, happy, or sad, I write poems, poetry, or just free write about my feelings. Or maybe I just write just to write about anything like nature how the sun rises in the morning its just so beautiful. I can cook and clean really well. Many people judge me by my look but they get it all wrong. But, I don't really care because its just what they wanna think. I don't refer myself as a b****, h**, or any other female inappropriate words. I refer to myself as a young lady. When people get to know me, they say that I am a cool person to hang out with. I am definatly hard to get and I know my way around a lot of things. I test someone when they want me really bad and they don't even know it. My favorite color is mostly red but I like red, black, and white together because it is really cute and hot for me.